Disneyland Welcomes Thor this Autumn

thor-dark-world-poster-625x438Disney revealed today that more of the Marvel Universe will be coming to Disneyland in the autumn as guests will have the opportunity to visit Asgard and “come face-to-face” with the god himself, Thor.


In a vague announcement Disney promised to reveal more information next month on its Park’s Blog.  However it is clear that the attraction is planned to coincide with the November release of Thor: The Dark World.  Similar to what they did for Iron Man 3 in April when they presented  Iron Man Tech Presented by Stark Industries.

Captain America is also being added to the Disney roster as he will be appearing as part of the Avengers Academy children’s area being added to its flagship cruise liner, Disney Magic.

It’s nice to see Disney incorporating the Marvel franchise into their parks as now I can hope a Marvel area will open in Paris, giving more attractions to the park.

Reporter: Amy
Source: Comic Book Resources

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