Doc Savage and Batman team up this November!

I stumbled upon this cover drawn by JG Jones moments ago and I’m still in shock.


At first I thought a Batman and Doc Savage crossover coming this Novemeber would be the coolest news I’ve heard all year and then I thought wait ‘does this mean this will be set in modern day?”  DC have already tried to bring the Man of Bronze into the modern world and it just didn’t work as well as his 30’s pulp adventures. After seeintg the following quote on Newsarama my fears were well and truly put to rest.

The story presupposed a neophyte Batman in a world where Doc Savage is already established.  The universe will contain Doc Savage, Blackhawk, The Spirit, Black Canary, and The Avenger.

My excitement levels went throught the roof when Ian Sattler remarked on world in this these two character will inhabit.

it’s a world of blended science (hot air balloons, big computers tommy guns), but no super powers or magic.

Sweet mother of the comic world how did I miss this? I’m off to see if this bad boy is up for pre-order yet and if not demand why not?

If someone could now give me a Lobster Johnson and The Shadow crossover I’d be a very happy comic fan.

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: Newsarama

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