DR. Dandridge- ‘The Dandy Ghosthunter’ announces guest blog spot

In honour of this new series of adventures featuring gentleman ghost hunter Dandridge which now started in 2000ad creator Alec Worley has allowed his creation to take over his site as a guest blogger for the next five weeks (though more like four now).

So can see what this dandy ghosthunter has to say for himself below and you can keep an eye on his rambling over on Alec’s blog http://worleyworld.posterous.com/

Good evening,

As autumn hastens and the weather dwindles to a damp and ghostly chill, I trust this ‘post’ finds you both warm and well.

Firstly, may I say that it is with the greatest pride that I announce my ‘guest blog’, which shall officially commence this Wednesday and continue over the next five weeks. My editor, Mr. Worley, is presently away penning the next instalment of my adventures for what I am reliably informed is the “Galaxy’s Greatest Comic”!

When Mr. Worley first contacted me via transcendental broadband – as you, dear reader, have correctly guessed, he and I inhabit vastly different spheres of existence – I jumped at the chance of publishing my varied fancies. I promptly sent him a small list of journalistic requirements, which he twice-as-promptly returned! Apparently, a bottle or two of lunar champagne (even one as rudimentary as a Méliès prestige cuvée 1902) is something of a rarity in your world. A simple request for a Swedish girl named Inga to recite Poe and Baudelaire in order to inspire my deepest possible musings was similarly beyond my editor’s regrettably humble means.

I countered that I would settle for nothing less than a steady supply of laudanum, ready-rubbed tobacco, and Kraken ink. Also, my present investigations into banshee activity at the Ship and Billet, Camden, leaves me no time to transcribe my own quillwork onto the computer. Worley promptly burst into tears, whimpered something about “workload” and locked himself in the lavatory for several hours. He does this often.

However, I shall not allow editorial tantrums to hinder what I hope will be a splendid, if brief, series of missives in which I endeavour to amuse, engage and enlighten regarding a variety of subjects, from the graphic arts to the occult applications of the ‘iPod playlist’, and – that pinnacle of human civilisation – high fashion!

Yours in anticipation,

Dr. Spartacus Dandridge

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