Dr Nuge comes to the Oceanverse Webcomic

So if anyone has listening to me on the Geek Syndicate Podcast  you will know that I’m a huge pulp adventure fan with Raiders of the Lost Ark being my fave movie of all time with Indiana JOnes the fave character.

Several months I was contacted by Michael Schwartz the creator of the awesome adventure webcomic Oceanverse.

Oceanverse chronicles the adventures of Clayton Hemmings and his crew aboard the Red Herring, a submarine in search of the mysteries of the sea.

Oceanverse updates every Monday and Thursday.

Mike who is a long time listener of the podcast had decided to introduce a character based on me into the Oceanverse universe called ‘Dr Nuge’ who would be a cross between  Dr Who and Indiana Jones. Mike put together some initial sketches and ideas which I got to look at before he put the finishing touches on the story and the character.  Several months later Dr Nuge made his first shadowy appearance into the Oceanverse world.

I’m very excited and honored to have a character based on me in such a cool webcomic.

To check out the continuing adventures of Dr Nuge and his quest to help the crew of the Red Herring save London head over the Oceanverse website.

I’d also suggest you check out some of the earlier strips as well as the art is great as are the stories (yes I am bias) and mike puts so much effort into the strips and the fact that he’s now just reached the 200 mark on strips is a fantastic achievement.

Now my next mission is to talk Mike into giving Dr Nuge his own spin-off series or a collaboration with the guys at Red 5 Comics for an Atomic Robo/Dr Nuge team up (a guy can dream)!

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: Oceanverse

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