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The guys over at AAM/Markosia have sent over this press release and preview on the upcoming graphic novel Harker.  Look out for a full  review of this blood curdling spectacular coming soon on the podcast.


Over a century ago, Bram Stoker brought the immortal Vampire Count Dracula to the printed page, affecting the hearts and minds of millions and starting a century of adaptations, prequels and sequels involving the enigmatic Count. And a hundred years later the Vampire has never been stronger, with books like Twilight hitting the bestseller lists and shows like True Blood and Being Human showing alternate takes of the popular mythos to critical acclaim.

But in November 2009, AAM/Markosia Enterprises will return to the source material itself, when it releases FROM THE PAGES OF BRAM STOKER’S ‘DRACULA’: HARKER, the first ever graphic novel sequel to receive an active endorsement from a member of the Stoker family itself, a book announced to a standing ovation at the San Diego Comic Con in July.

Written by British comic writer Tony Lee (Doctor Who, Pride & Prejudice & Zombies) and drawn by the art team of Neil Van Antwerpen and Peter-David Douglas (Starship Troopers), FROM THE PAGES OF BRAM STOKER’S ‘DRACULA’: HARKER is a faithful return to the original characters, set six months on from the Count’s grizzly death, and six months before the birth of Jonathan and Mina’s son, Quincey.

For although his body is destroyed, Dracula’s dark spirit still lives – and only his last remaining ‘Bride of Dracula’, the Countess Dracule can avenge and save him as she arrives in London to take brutal vengeance against the Hunters and their families. With un-living allies including the late Renfield beside her, the countess is ready for war – but her opposition is fragmented, with Seward in love again yet addicted to morphine, Arthur distracted by visions of his dead love Lucy Westenra on a London street, Van Helsing haunted by memories of his son, Mina finding herself alone with Dracula in her dreams – and Jonathan visited by the ghost of Quincey Morris, warning him of dangers yet to come. As the devious plans of the vampire Countess and her allies come to pass, Harker and his friends must find strength to fight back from the brink of despair, taking on a quest that forces them through a variety of familiar locations including Purfleet, Piccadilly, Whitby, Munich, and ending with fire and blood on the Borgo Pass, the very place that Bram Stoker’s novel began.

But this is more than just ‘another’ story – for FROM THE PAGES OF BRAM STOKER’S ‘DRACULA’: HARKER has three introductions – one from noted Sherlock Holmes and Vampire Scholar Leslie S. Klinger, author of the New Annotated Dracula, and two more from Ian Holt and Bram Stoker’s Great-Grand Nephew Dacre Stoker, authors of the official Dracula sequel, Dracula: The Un-Dead.

“out of respect for Bram Stoker, Tony Lee brings his readers back to where Bram left off, which not only sharpens the reader’s perspective, but gives honor where it is due; to Dracula’s creator, Bram Stoker.” Dacre explains. “This book is further testimony to the fact that, as he has since his genesis in 1897, Dracula the shape shifter accommodates many forms and returns again and again.  Under Tony Lee’s pen, he will fascinate and frighten anew.”

With AAM/Markosia already in discussions with major film studios, FROM THE PAGES OF BRAM STOKER’S ‘DRACULA’: HARKER is proof that Bram Stoker’s Count Dracula is bigger and badder than ever.

FROM THE PAGES OF BRAM STOKER’S ‘DRACULA’: HARKER is a 128 page, full colour graphic novel, available from November 2009 and can be ordered from all good comic and book stores. It can be found on page 186 of September’s Previews Magazine  with a Diamond Order Code of  – SEP090564

Alternatively you can use ISBN-10: 1905692358 or ISBN-13: 978-1905692354.

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