Dynamite Comics Announces Gail Simone on Red Sonja

Red-Sonja-011Yes you read that right, Gail Simone is the writer for the relaunched Red Sonja Title from Dynamite! We could not be more excited. Pass us the chain-mail bra!

Our favourite comic writing red head is taking on the ultimate bum kicking, pointy sword wielding red head.  The new run launches in July this year.

Red Sonja is the ‘She-Devil with a sword’ created by Robert E. Howard (writer of Conan The Barbarian!) She’s a well known fantasy figure and a formidable warrior, though her armour isn’t the most practical…

Artist Walter Geovani will be doing the innards of the comic while the covers for the comic are being provided by some of the industries biggest female artists.

Fiona Staples, Colleen Doran, Jenny Frison, Nicola Scott and Stephanie Buscema are the first few to be announced, for what we expect will be some epic covers.

Who else would you want to see doing a Red Sonja cover? We’d like to voice our support for a Becky Cloonan one please! She already made Conan look amazing, so Red Sonja would be easy.

In the official press release Gail tells us why she loves Red Sonja;

“It’s like this…even most of the best female heroines when I was a kid were pretty polite. What I love about Sonja is that she isn’t polite, she says what she means and if you give her any lip about it, hello, sword in the gut. She’s smart, she has a heart, she has some compassion. But when it’s go time, she’s a hellraiser, a mad general, she’s a sword edge virtuosa, she’s death on wheels. She is the woman you never want to mess with. I can relate, Sonja. No offense to all her guy writers, but THIS Red Sonja is about sex and swords! It’s everything you love about Red Sonja, except with more monsters getting stabbed in the eye.”

We really can’t wait for this one!

Source: Dynamie Comics
Reporter: Sara Westrop

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