ELEVATOR PITCH – Last Days Of Nobodies

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Elevator Pitch: Last Days Of Nobodies
Creator: Mike Medaglia
Publisher: Published online as a Web-Comic
Buy it from: It is free for all to read online here

What is Last Days of Nobodies?

‘Last Days Of Nobodies’ is a web-comic that will be told in three parts and will look at the days leading up to the deaths of three artists: Vincent van Gogh, Emily Dickinson and Franz Kafka who were little known in their time. The stories will take a more poetic form rather than a straight narrative and will be as much an exploration of what comics can do visually.

Why should we pick this up?

Well it is free to read online, so if you are interested and have a bit of time, you can click the link and enjoy at your own leisure!

Drawn in pencil with digital colour and loose scratchy line work. Each part will be around 30 pages and will be released online in regular instalments over the next year. It will be updated every other Wednesday.

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