‘Elysia’ Swoops into Kickstarter

Elysia_StruggleWhat if in fictional future world humans and their guardian angels  lived  side-by-side ? What if a young human girl in that strange world suddenly turns into an angel. How would she cope? what challenges would she have to overcome?

This rather intriguing idea is the lifeblood that flows through the veins of Elysia the latest comic project to come to life via Kickstarter.


Elysia is an epic urban fantasy and sci-fi graphic novel written and created by Serena Obhrai and illustrated by Jennie Gyllblad.

The story is set in a fictional future where humans and their guardian angels live side-by-side and all angels must abide by the Three Angel Laws (inspired by Isaac Asimov):
  • An angel must obey the orders given to it by The Higher Order of angels.
  • An angel must serve to guard and protect their designated humans at all times.
  • An angel must not engage in an act of fornication with a human at any given time.

The laws are uniformly adhered to, however, there are some that choose to break them. Our story is set around the consequence of two such beings – Max and Devi – whose offspring has to suffer the harsh consequences and reality of her human scientist father and angel mother’s choice to procreate, causing Elysia’s wings to grow upon hitting puberty.

As her wings form, and she becomes an angel, Elysia has to face the fact that she is no longer human and must come to terms with the challenges that lie ahead with accepting her new form. Having been born with a lot more power and responsibility than she can accept, we follow Elysia on this epic coming-of-age journey where everything she knows no longer exists.

All the teenage angst involved with finding your place in life is nothing compared to the trials and tribulations that Elysia is faced with when confronted with the reality that she is the only key to stopping the Fallen Angel attack that is about to take over the world and all its inhabitants.

I’ve met both  Serena and Jennie several times now and both are as committed to their creative work as they are to their Absinthe consumption and trust me that’s a lot so you can imagine the dedication that has already gone into this project. To be serious for a second Serena’s central idea behind Elysia sounds fascinating and I’m intrigued to see it play out in the graphic novel. Some of the concepts evoke memories of the now cancelled ‘BBC One show the Fades and perhaps a direction the second series of the show could have gone had it not been cancelled. There is also  a dash of iRobot in there with the clever twist on the three robot laws being given an angelic makeover.

Meet Jennie and Serena

Meet Jennie and Serena

I already know and love Jennie’s artwork from her work on the brilliant Clockwork Watch but if what I’ve seen of the art is an example of what the final art for Elysia will look like then this is going to be a graphic novel dripping with stunning art.

Main Characters

The girls are already off to  great start with the project with over £1,500 raised since it was launched on kickstarter today.

You can find out more about the project on its Kickstarter page, following the project on Twitter, Jennie’s portfoilo, the comic’s website and Facebook page.

Also if you to check out a fab ‘slice of life’ webcomic then please check out Jennie’s Jenspiration comic that comes out every Wednesday…it’s funny as hell.

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