Final Cover for Justice League #1 is Released

As the big DC Reboot, reset, reshuffle, rejig or whatever you what to call it draws near the DC overlords have now revealed the final cover for Justice League

It’s looks great and all…very sparky and all that but this image did leave me with one thought…why have they made Superman look like a supervillain. I’m sure, of course, he’s not but the cover just makes him look like some all-powerful supervillan who’s been manipulating the Justice League who must now join forces to destroy their one time friend.

So please can we ease up on the Superman bad ass please? I mean that’s what we’ve got Batman for right?

In fact now that I come to think of it every one is wearing the Batman upside down smile? Come on guys someone crack a smile. Heck… I thought the Flash was supposed to be the joker of the crowd but in that picture he looks like he’d tear my heart out and trample over my grave at superspeed. I don’t even want to think about¬†where¬†Aquaman wants to put that trident.

Still it’s going to be an interesting time at DC starting next month.

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: Comic Book Resources

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