First Captain America Set Photos

Captain America: The First Avenger is currently filming in the UK, and today the first photos from the set have made a appearance online. The movie is filming under the name “Frostbite” so if you see any filming announcements with that name let us know and try and sneak some photos!

This is the on set repot from The Media Club:

Yesterday I headed over to the film set for the upcoming big-budget 2011 Marvel release, Captain America: The First Avenger, after receiving a sneaky tip from a friend that the filming was taking place near my house. After trekking through the Bourne Woods in Farnham, Surrey, for about 10 minutes we reached a perimeter which, due to health and safety reason (AKA massive explosions etc), we were not allowed to cross… so we didn’t. There were some tanks and some fellas chilling out in army uniforms, just then I noticed a man with a dirty blonde grown-out military haircut and I pointed for my friend to see. At this point a northern security woman tottered over to ask us if we were okay, to which we replied “yes”. We then began having a friendly chat to the woman about the location that has been previously used in Gladiator, Children of Men, Harry Potter, Wolfman and the more recent Robin Hood. We then asked her what was going on currently- with all the military vehicles and alike. At this point a rather serious looking gentleman came over and began to explain that the production was that of a upcoming World War 2 film with the ridiculous name ‘Frostbite’. We pretended to eat up his barrel of lies until he went on his busy way (which took all of 2 seconds). The security lady then seemed rather proud of their deception before she noticed us whispering and giggling- like girls. She once again asked us if we were ok; this was the point at which our visit turned. We responded by informing her that we knew it wasn’t ‘Frostbite’, she played dumb and asked us what we ‘thought’ we knew. “Well,” I began “that guy over there is watching a Captain America Tshirt, that massive sticker on that trailer has Captain America on it, that’s Hayley Atwell (the female lead in the film) and we just saw Chris Evans (the actor playing Steve Rogers AKA Cpatain America) walking past in the costume barely covered by a trench coat.” This did have a shocking effect on the security woman, and she rudely claimed that we knew more than she did. She took a few steps back and we continued to talk quietly amongst ourselves behind the barrier. About a minute later a tall man walked towards and told us we were being ‘a nuisance’ we apologised and told him we were unaware; he then continued and told us that he was calling the police and that we would be arrested. At this point I wondered on what charges this could take place, he continued to glare at us. “Manners cost nothing, my friend” I replied. He didn’t take too kindly to this recommendation and we walked off.

Basically, it was very exciting to see Chris Evans in costume, the film set is looking good and the production is obviously being taken very seriously (as it should because Captain America is awesome) and the shoot is being kept on the super-secret down-low but regrettably some of the crew are so far up their own ass that they really ruined my excitement about a film I have been hugely looking forward to. Truth be told that guy is a tosser, and I went home to make posters to inform the public that ‘Frostbite’ is a lie and that there was free entry to the set of Captain America.

Check out the photos:

Photo Source: The Media Club

GS Reporter: Matt

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