First Image from Jeffrey Brown Vader’s ‘Little Princess’

vaders-little-princessEver wondered what Darth Vader would have been like raising Princess Leia?

I only recently picked up Vader and son, which tell the adventures of the dark lord and his nine year old son Luke, but have read it several times over. The comic strikes just the right tone between parody and cuteness without straying too far into either camp. It’s a perfect antidote to a bad day, great for young and old Star Wars fans and always brings a chuckle or two when I read it. I had hoped that we would see more from Jefferey Brown’s take on the star wars universe and he has not let us down. Next month sees the publication of  Vader’s Little Princess which  see’s everyone fave Sith dad coping with the pressure of raising a little princess Leia.

The first picture from the book has already sold me that this will be another must buy.


Reporter: Nuge

Source: Starwarsblog

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  1. I have a daughter… I want this book!

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