Get Your Forbidden Planet Free Comic Book Day Events While They’re Hot!

“Get em here! get your free comics here!!!”

Writing this blog post about the Forbidden Planet Free Comic Book Day seemed a cheaper alternative than writing on a sandwich board and marching up and down Oxford Street. Also less chance of being arrested but I digress.

As every comic fan knows (don’t worry Billy I’ll explain it to you afterwards) the yearly mecca of the comic book world, Free Comic Book Day (6th May) is almost upon us.

The team at Forbidden Planet (not the one led by Leslie Nielsen) have just announced what events they have lined up for us comic fans on the big day.

free comic book day LN

What! free comics? Give em up now or face the wrath of my blaster and my great hairstyle!

Yes thank you Leslie..ahem…back to the signing events.

Now the titles mentioned in these signing events aren’t being given for free but don’t fear there will be free comics in the FP stores on the day so no worries there.

In BIRMINGHAM, Christian Ward will be signing Black Bolt #1 (Just don’t speak any of Black Bolt’s dialogue out loud…better to be safe and all that.


In BRISTOL, Cavan Scott will be signing Tekken #1 (hope still has that hairstyle that looks like he has two cornettos stuck to his head)


In LIVERPOOL, Neil Edwards will be signing Torchwood #2.1


In LONDON, Alex Paknadel and Simon Myers will be signing Titan Comics’ FCBD Doctor Who title, Caspar Wijngaard will be signing Assassin’s Creed: Locus and Dan Watters will be signing Limbo


And in NEWCASTLE, Alan Martin will be signing our exclusive variant of World War Tank Girl.


If you want to find out more about what Forbidden Planet will be doing on FCBD (yes Billy that’s what us comic geeks call it) then head to their FCBD page.
Also if you’re a comic shop doing something for FCBD then let us know! (Of course that is assuming that all comic shops can talk…which of course they can).

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