Grayhaven Comics Apprentice Passes the Half-Way Point

grayhaveniconOver the past four weeks 18 creators have been battling it out to become GrayHaven’s first Comics Apprentice.  Now they are over the half-way through and the only contestant from the UK is still going strong.

GrayHaven’s online version of TV’s Apprentice began on the 28th July with eighteen entries from four different countries with the winner winning the opportunity to publish single-issue comic in 2014.  The creators all seem to be of a high caliber and reading through the past four weeks they are all certainly strong.

Publisher Andrew Goletz says:

“I’ve been proud to have been able to give nearly 200 up and coming comic creators their first opportunity to be published over the past 4 years thanks to our Gathering Anthology comic. The desire to move forward and create an indie comic company was actually inspired by an online version of Apprentice I played years ago so I felt it was only appropriate to bring the game here to GrayHaven. I think we’ve come up with some terrific challenges that involve creative decision making, delegation, marketing, promotions and above all writing. All of these challenges will help us determine who will win the big prize, a one-shot comic of their own published by us next year. We have a wonderfully talented bunch playing the game and it’s fascinating for me to watch their progress.”

So far Sam Read has impressed me, his premise for a new line of DC titles, his Alpha range, was brilliant and would certainly revive the franchise with a new spin on old properties.  His selection of writers and artists knows that he knows the industry.  Sam is the only UK contestant and currently works in OK Comics.

This weeks challenge is promotion and marketing and as I am backing our man from the UK, Sam Read, I am eager for everyone to help his team win, so follow his team on twitter @ComicsCC  or like them on Facebook.  Grayhaven are also offering 20% off total orders with the coupon code ‘Team A

The finale is scheduled for late September/early October 2013. However you can catch up on the past four weeks here on the GrayHaven website.

Reporter: Amy
Source: Team ComicsCC, Grayhaven Comics

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