Growing Up Enchanted – Interview with Jack Briglio

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FACT: Growing up is hard to do. Fictional FACT: Growing up ENCHANTED is even harder to do! The Eisner-nominated all-ages fantasy adventure series is back in print and finally collected as a trade! Join young Olianna and her family & friends as she tries to learn life’s mundane lessons while practicing magic in a world of giants, trolls, and dragons! Coming to your local comic store in April and to mobile phones as a game in May

The Eisner-nominated series Growing Up Enchanted returns in May with a new collection of the original series from AAM Markosia called Fighting Bullies, Hunting Dragons. We spoke with writer and co-creator Jack Briglio about the series.

So…Growing Up Enchanted is back!

Jack Briglio: Yeah, and it’s great to be back!

For new readers out there, tell us a little bit about Growing Up Enchanted.

Jack: Well, Growing Up Enchanted is an all-ages fantasy adventure centering around a young girl named Olianna trying to grow up and learn life’s mundane lessons amidst her quirky family and friends while practicing magic in a world of giants, trolls and dragons! Oh my!

That’s a mouthful – say that 5 times fast!

Jack: No kidding! The original 4 issues we did independently several years back have been finally compiled and completely relettered in this new collection. If you’re a fan of Bone or any Pixar film, this is definitely for you, the young, and the young at heart!

Any other GUE projects on the horizon?

Jack: Alex Serra and I are working on more stories and subsequent volumes. Volume 2 has been written; Alex is working on the art as we speak and hopefully we’ll see it sometime next year.

Anything else?

Jack: Even before that though…there will be an iPhone game based on the book released around the same time as the collection comes out. So that’s pretty cool that you’ll soon be able to play a game based on our characters. I’ve seen a beta of the game and it looks fantastic and lots of fun!

Branching out outside of comics – is that the plan?

Jack: If the game does well, we hope this will support the future stories we want to tell and lead to more gaming and other media opportunities.

Why so long away from these characters then?

Jack: Well, the success of the series opened some doors for us and both Alex and I ended up doing work for DC. He drew for Teen Titans Go and we both worked on the Legion of Super-Heroes cartoon series. I also did some work on Scooby-Doo and some other all-ages work for IDW.

How did you hook up with Markosia?

Jack: Alex and I both met reps from Markosia at different cons over a year ago and we hit it off. We offered Growing Up Enchanted and they were as interested in seeing the book come back to print as we were.

Any other projects you’re working on?

Jack: We both have some other projects we’re working on, aside from Growing Up Enchanted. Some for Markosia that I can’t talk about yet. I also have some pitches in at a couple of other companies. The work I did for IDW last year, Digger & Friends, is also being collected into a trade in May so it’ll be nice to have a couple of books to showcase in time for con season.

Attending any cons this year?

Jack: We were just at a great indie con in Reading, PA – called SuperShow. We had an awesome time. Other than that, so far the plan is to go to FanExpo in Toronto in August and the New York ComicCon in October.

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