GS Exclusive: Pat Mills talks Charley’s War at The Comic Museum

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Pat Mills has been, without me knowing an inspirational figure in teenage years, what with him being one of the creators of 2000AD and all that.  So it was with a little awe that I went to the cartoon museum on Wednesday the 26th November to hear him speak about his collaboration with artist Joe Colquhoun on Charley’s War, the landmark graphic retelling of the ordinary Tommy’s experience of World War I.  One of the things that struck me was the humility Pat showed in his continual reference to Joe’s work as being instrumental to the success opf the series and take a look at the image above for proof of Joe’s talent and skill.

You can find out more about the cartoon museum here – The Cartoon Museum

and the collected editions are available in hardcover editions from Titan Books

Special thanks to Anita O’Brien, the curator of the museum and to Pat Mills for allowing this to be recorded

Hope you enjoy it, here it is

Pat Mills talks Charley’s War


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