Image Comics Presents Cap’n Dinosaur!

Well you can probably tell from the title why we’re excited about this one shot coming soon from Image Comics. It looks like a slice of pulpy gold!

Written by Kek-W (2000AD, Ruby Rucker’s FLURB) and art from Shaky Kane (The Bulletproof Coffin) comes this tale of Cap’n Dinosaur and his sidekick Honey Moon as they investigate a bizzare case involving a drowned man falling out of the sky…but what does a deserted amusement park have to do with it all? You’ll have to read to find out.


Kek-W gives more of an insight into the comic:

“Half the fun of old comic books were the mail order adverts,” said Kane. “So I figured that if the mail order adverts were to somehow feature in the story itself, well then you’d get the full fun!”
“Shaky and I are trying to channel a free-wheeling old school spirit—harness the strangeness that used to infect comics back in the late 50s and early 60s,” elaborated Kek-W. “We want to inject some fun back into things. Reality is overrated!”

We love those odd mail order adverts! We wish we could still get our hands on X-Ray specs or a working rocket (that one makes us a bit more dubious).

Shaky Kane’s artwork really evokes memories of chiselled jaws, weird aliens and wacky creatures from old sci-fi comics. We really like the look of the colour palette too, really vibrant and art pop like.

It’s released on July 16th and it’ll cost $3.99/£2.40 and you can pre-order it from your local comic shop using Diamond code MAY140606.

Source: Image Comics
Reporter: Sara Westrop

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