Insomnia Publications goes Busking at BICS 2009


After the runaway success of Cancertown at the Bristol Comic Con the guys over a Insomnia Publications have go from strength to strength. Over on their blog they are asking people the following question

What do the artists Mos Def, Kevin Spacey, Damon Albarn, Ian Brown, Sean Michael Wilson and Michiru Morikawa have in common with Insomnia Publications?

The according to In they are all invovled in some way  with Jeymes Samuel‘s BUSKERS project, some with the comic, some with the music, some with the independent film.

BUSKERS is an offbeat tale set in contemporary London with an array of odd but realistic characters. The comic book is based closely on a screenplay written by singer and writer JEYMES SAMUEL.

The graphic novel is being written by Sean Michael Wilson and the art is by Michiru Morikawa,  who was the past winner of the International Manga and Anime Festival Award.

Insomnia are planning to launch Buskers at this year’s British International Comic Show in Birmingham. At the luanch there  we will have a very special edition of the book (signed and limited to 100 copies), including a “Buskers Demo CD”, with previews of a number of songs from the  soundtrack.

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: Insomnia Publications

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