Iron Man Anime on its way from Marvel and Warren Ellis

Warren Ellis is hosting trailers for the Wolverine and Iron Man Anime Series and Iron Man in particular looks awesome.

Marvel are developing them as animated properties for the south east asian market with scripts from Ellis. This is very good news as western animated series usually have to cater for a child audience first, meaning that the more interesting adult themes have to be sliced away and action scenes have to be toned down. As much as I like Marvel’s current Wolverine and the X-men series, its a little disheartening to know that Wolverine is never going to be allowed to properly cut loose.

Hopefully the South East’s more mature animation culture should allow for more developed storylines and more intense action. These trailers certainly suggest that is going to be the case.

Ellis also has the Wolverine trailer up but it is the Iron man one that really excites me. It opens with the Iron Man suit powering up (roughly the same design as the film version) before throwing us into some barmy mid-air rocket-kungfu with a bunch of flying armour-nazis.

It should be noted that these trailers are meant as tests for the animation and overall style. The armour-nazis wont be the baddies in the final production (shame!) and neither will the random demon in the wolverine trailer. Even so, I’m still pretty excited. What do you think?

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