Is this the next step in Digital Comics?

The answer is I’m not sure but a lot of the points coming out in this press release is on the samw wavelength as what we’ve been saying on the show. Now I still love reading my comics in trade or single issues but I would be quite happy to read a lot of the stuff online. It seems like these guys are trying to produce something that is going to make that easier to do.

Anyway Check out the Press Release and make your own mind up.

comicsXP Offers New Home For Comic Creators

Ever wonder what the future holds for the comics industry? In these interesting times, many creators are looking for new ways to approach the world of comics and see their projects reach their target audience. As the major print distribution paths narrow, it is increasingly important that up and coming creators and established companies explore every avenue available to reach current and future readers.

Welcome to the world of comicsXP(… a new path to publication.

What is comicsXP? We are a new company focusing on presenting the world of print comics to the new, exploding frontier of digital comics. We are a company with which you can grow and we’re approaching the market with some fresh ideas.

In today’s world music, movies and entertainment in all its various forms are going increasingly digital. At the same time, the wall between the fan and the creator is constantly eroding and we ask the simple question… Why should comics be any different?

comicsXP welcomes creators, no matter what level of success you’ve reached, and brings you into our growing creator family without upfront cost or long term commitment. These are your comics. We want to see you achieve your goals and enjoy an alternate revenue stream as you promote your work!

What makes comicsXP different? First, we’re not asking you to “trust us”. We’re willing to let our shared success with you as a creator speak for itself. Here are a few things that set us apart…

  • No upfront fees for listing your comic or series with comicsXP
  • No long term or exclusive commitment tied to comicsXP
  • You maintain all rights to your work
  • 60% of the net profits goes to the creator (contract publically available on our website)
  • We avoid the pitfalls of PDF by adopting the internet standard cbr, cbz, zip file format
  • We’re producing a weekly new comic release list promoting new issues and series
  • We’re producing a digital magazine talking about the creators in comicsXP
  • We’re providing free forum areas for creators in support of their work at comicsXP
  • We’re working in a partnership with Comic to further promote creators
  • Brick and mortar comic stores will be selling prepaid comicsXP cards to fans
  • Prepackaged SD card collections of select comic series will be made available for sale
  • We are developing our own handheld comic reader
  • And that’s just the start of our story…

Bob Hickey, comicsXP CEO, explains, “We’re working hard to develop a place where comic fans, creators and even traditional comic retailers can gather together, enjoy an additional revenue stream and explore the world of comics in a new way. At comicsXP, it isn’t just about selling comics. At comicsXP, we’re also interested in developing a place where comic creators can get their work seen and reach a new audience in a new format. The world is changing. We like to think we’re three steps ahead of that curve.”

Over the next week we will begin announcing a wide mix of creators who have joined the comicsXP family and we are counting down the final days to the much anticipated public unveil of our beta digital reader and online store. Full details on both will follow in an upcoming press release.

comicsXP! Discover comics again… for the first time!

About comicsXP:
With comicsXP ( you can read and collect digital comic books, graphic novels, books, magazines and more.  With its online store and downloadable reader, you can build a collection of your favorite titles and read them anytime, anywhere.  You don’t have to be online.  It’s comic entertainment how you want it, where you want it.

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  1. Dave Williams /

    That looks interesting, as a lover of digital comics the more competition and innovation in the marketplace the better!

  2. Well, they seem very confident, but aren’t really telling us very much here.

    I have to say, I’m extremely skeptical about the long-term chances of any subscription/pay-per-download scheme for digital distribution noy either tied to a major publisher, or ideally, coming right off the bat with distro deals with at the very least Marvel and DC.

    And this is very odd:

    Brick and mortar comic stores will be selling prepaid comicsXP cards to fans

    …Really? So they’ve got a deal with Diamond (cause that’s the only way to get things into comic book stores widely enough and in significant enough quantities to warrant bullet pointing on a press release)? And they’ve somehow managed to convince both Diamond and much of the direct market to help them basically destroy their businesses? That doesn’t sound particularly plausible to me…

    (And to be honest, I’m not entirely sure purely digital distribution is the next step anyway- that’s the step after next- I think the first change we’re going to see will be net-to-print, with free (but non-downloadable) serialisation on the web followed by a nice print edition. A few smaller companies (Boom, Avatar, Big Head Press) are already finding some success with that model…)

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