Jonathan Ross to appear at BICS 2010!


Ross and Edwards to appear at BICS 2010!



This rumour has been doing the rounds all week but the guys at BICS have just confirmed that Jonathan Ross will be taking a seat on a TURF panel at BICS on Sunday at 1pm with arttist Tommy Lee Edwards appearing live by Satellite.

Should make for an interesting panel that’s for sure!

Check out all the info below.


As previously announced, Tommy Lee Edwards is no longer able to attend BICS 2010, this is entirely due to his gruelling work schedule, completely understandable when you see his amazing work on the Turf series from Image Comics.

No one is more disappointed about this than Tommy Lee himself. Desperate not to let down the fans, he put forward a proposal that might yet allow us to present a killer Turf event at the show.

After weeks of careful planning and negotiation, between BICS, Tommy and series author and co-creator Jonathan Ross, we can now announce details of the event you have all been waiting for.

Scheduled for 1.00pm on Sunday the 17th, Jonathan Ross will make a special appearance at BICS 2010, stepping in for Tommy Lee; Jonathan will talk Turf and hold a Q & A, followed by a signing session in the theatre lobby. If this weren’t enough, we are incredibly excited to announce that via a live satellite link, Jonathan will be talking with Tommy during the event.

So, it’s a huge thank you from us to Tommy and Jonathan for going the extra mile to bring you something rather special.

Source: BICS 2010


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