Kong is back and in company with world-destroying Sea Monsters courtesy of AAM/Markosia

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Last week we ran a story on how the Kong: King of Skull Island paperback was being made into a movie. The guys over at AAM/Markosia have now released an official press release with all the info on this and their other new title Serpent Wars.

You can also find previews for both titles in the press release below and order codes.

Official Press Release

Kong is back and in company with world-destroying Sea Monsters!

AAM/Markosia’s long awaited Kong: King of Skull Island trade paperback will ship in October 2009, on the back of news that the story (described as the sequel & prequel of the much-loved classic), is to be made into a movie. The announcement was made at the Ray Bradbury panel at San Diego’s Comicon amidst much excitement and enthusiasm that the great simian is making a comeback.

Also shipping in the same month is Serpent Wars, written by Christoff Rodriguez and Chris Campanozzi, and features art by Antonio Rojo. Set in the 1800’s, a young scientist’s apprentice stows away onto the war ship of a British Lord, in order to prove that there are sea creatures downing ships off the shores of South America. His voyage leads to the discovery of a mysterious hidden island where an ancient race is witness to the epic serpent gods who are now locked in a battle that could decide the fate of mankind.

“We are very excited about these two books”, said publisher Harry Markos, “discussions about the Kong: King of Skull Island movie have been going on for some time now and it was amazing to hear the announcement at the Ray Bradbury panel at Comicon. We have spent the last six months or so working on some significant improvements to art and colors and it looks great”. On Serpent Wars, Markos adds, “Serpent Wars is an absolute must-read. The story is based closely around South American myths and legends so you’ll see some fantastic characters. Monsters, magic and mayhem all round! We’re also delighted that industry legend Howard Chaykin will be writing an introduction, which speaks volumes for the project”.

The Diamond order codes for both books are:

AUG09 0603 KONG KING OF SKULL ISLAND TP a 22pg preview is available to view online http://www.myebook.com/index.php?option=ebook&id=13590

AUG09 0604 SERPENT WARS GN a 16pg preview is available to view online http://www.myebook.com/index.php?option=ebook&id=3333

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