Lancashire Comic Convention coming soon!

Always good to see another comic convention spring up. This one is based in prestion and is being labelled a ‘mini con’.

Check out the details below.

“The Meanwhile…Mini-con coming to Preston.
When: 25th September 2010, 11.00am-5.00pm

For the culmination of a month long series of comic workshops, Meanwhile.. presents a one day mini-convention at the New Continental in Preston. With the vibrant self-publlished and independant comic scene thriving in print and online, this event promises to build on the “Meanwhile…in Preston” workshops’ themes of storytelling and drawing to showcase the finest comic work being produced at the moment, and an ideal event for the small press to publicise and promote their books and merchandise.

As well as the emphasis on self-published creators, there will be some special guests making an appearance as well as competitions and prizes, and practical drawing events.

Admission to the convention and on-the-day events will be free of charge to the public and there is of course table space on offer for creators to sell their wares. Tables are available to creators at a very reasonable £10.00.

To book, or for any other enquiries, please email [email protected]

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