Lil’ Ninja Kickstarter brings a new meaning to the phrase…

I’m always on the lookout for new all-ages comics that I can share with my son or nieces, they’re quite a rare beast. So when I heard about this Kickstarter I headed on over to take a look.


A shadowy child’s bedroom. 

Suddenly, a loud noise shatters the silence, ignored over a crackling baby monitor.

Have no fear, a precocious little heroine is ready and eager to leap into action and defend her family!

This is the premise behind Lil’ Ninja, an all-ages comic book created by Greg Woronchak (with an assist from my wonderful wife). LILY (aka Lil’ Ninja) is a loveable toddler with very special skills; with the assistance of her favourite plush hippo OSCAR, she faces adventure and danger with a giggle.

The preview video looks great and I really appreciate that unlike some Kickstarter that want to raise thousands or tens of thousands of dollars to produce a single issue. This is Lil’ Ninja’s second Kickstarter and this time Greg is looking to raise a very modest $550 to finish off the first issue. He’s got my money!

GS Reporter: Dave W

SourceLil’ Ninja 

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