MacGyver Returns in “Fugitive Gauntlet”

After a 2 decade absence, MacGuyver returns in “Fugitive Gauntlet”, a new comic book series from Image Comics.

He is the only person I know who could stop a leaking vat of sulphuric acid by coagulating it with chocolate, or take a parachute and some scaffolding poles and deftly construct a hang glider with only his trusty Swiss Arm Knife – yes, Angus MacGyver, is returning in a new comic book mini-series from Image Comics, entitled MACGYVER: FUGITIVE GAUNTLET.

The MacGyver TV show ended back in 1992, and with this comeback to be launched on October 10th, it marks a 20 year absence – gone, but never forgotten from our collective psyche!

The storyline of the five-issue mini-series follows MacGyver on a globe-trotting escapade from Russia to Africa, following a million-dollar price tag being placed on his head, as he evades bounty hunters and unravels a plot of industrial espionage. And, as an additional ‘thank you’ to his legion of fans, MACGYVER will detail the history of the TV show in the issues’ back pages, written by MACGYVER creator Lee David Zlotoff.

Knife & duct tape at the ready! (or does that make me sound like a serial killer?)

Source: Image Comics
Reporter: SilverFox

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