Manifest Destiny Reveals the Secret Mission of Lewis and Clark

manifestDestiny01_coverIn 1804, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark set upon a journey that took them from St. Louis, Missouri, to the western coast of North America. This journey would help build a foundation for the future of the United States of America, but what history doesn’t tell us is the true reason for Lewis and Clark’s famed journey.

The newest series from Image’s Skybound imprint, Manifest Destiny reveals behind Lewis and Clark’s trip and their desire to claim America for the United States. Writer Chris Dingess and artist Matthew Roberts introduce a new facet to American history by combining classic adventure with modern paranoia. Under direct orders from President Thomas Jefferson, Lewis and Clark are to do more than explore, they’re also to catalog exotic life and eliminate the monsters standing in the way of the US’s rapid expansion westward.

“I’m fascinated by the pop culture phenomenon of taking historical characters, both real and fictional, and placing them in big, fake, extraordinary adventures,” said Dingess when asked about the origins of the series, “I’m also intrigued by the modern world’s growing obsession with vast government conspiracies, both real and fictional. I was excited to take these two concepts and make them have a baby. And Matt Roberts has made this baby very pretty.”

While this is definitely a different take on history, the story still attempts to remain as true to the time period as possible. Artist Roberts is even attempting to make the visuals as accurate as possible.  “Chris has written such a crazy, fun adventure, but he always leaves me enough rope to hang myself in the details,” said Roberts. “For example – I had no clue how in vogue popped up collars were in the early 19th century. That and leather chokers. Researching and drawing all these things is such a turn from drawing shiny, spandexed muscles. I’m having a blast.”

MANIFEST DESTINY #1 will be in stores on November 13 and is currently available to pre-order from the September issue of Previews (Diamond Code SEP130486).

Source: Image Comics
Reporter: Leo Johnson

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