Marvel Comics to Launch ‘Season One’ Graphic Novels

So what is season 1?

Well according to Tom Brevoort, Marvel’s senior vice president of publishing it’s something their doing to celebrate their anniversay next year. The plan is to launch a series of graphic novels based on tales of some of their most well known characters. Despite the fact the line will be called season one Marvel are adamant that this is a univesrsal reboot like their counterparts over at DC, the continuity will remain in place.

“Everything you know about them, everything that’s existed for the last 50 years still exists and is still there,” Brevoort says. “These are individually new stories, even though they’ve got bits and pieces of old and formative origin stuff in and around them, as well.” -USA Today

The art looks solid as does the creative teams and I’m all behind any initiative that opens up the comics world to more readers. It does sound a lot like the Earth One line that DC tried out but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

“We’re hoping to introduce folks who have never read any of these characters to these characters in this format, and also provide an interesting and illuminating story for people who have read a lot of Fantastic Four and Daredevil,” says Brevoort, Marvel’s senior vice president and executive editor.

“If you want to dip your toe in the water and find out the essence of what Marvel is all about, here is a nice place for you to start in big, sizable, meaty chunks.” – USA Today

What do you guys think good idea or bad. Is this the route DC should have tried rather than rebooting it’s universe?

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Source: usatoday

To help celebrate its 50th anniversary next year, Marvel will publish a line of graphic novels featuring current creators retelling classic superhero tales. Called Season One, the initiative marks the company’s first entry in recent history into original graphic novels.

Fantastic Four: Season One by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (Stephen King’s The StandGlee) and David Marquez (Secret Warriors), due out in February;

X-Men: Season One by Dennis Hopeless (Legion Of Monsters) and Jamie McKelvie (Phonogram), on sale in March;

Daredevil: Season One by Antony Johnston (Daredevil) and Wellinton Alves (Nova), in April;

Spider-Man: Season One by Cullen Bunn (Fear Itself: The DeepSixth Gun) and Neil Edwards (Fantastic Four), arriving in May.

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