Marvel’s Travelling Theme Park Coming in 2014


All of Marvel under one giant dome

One of my dreams is to go to the Marvel Experience in Orlando, alas I have not managed to get out there.  However soon Marvel might be bringing the superheroes to me in the form of a travelling theme park.

According to Forbesthe Marvel Experience is

“a massive six-story high dome as big as two football fields. It includes 4D rides and games like a state-of-the-art amusement park. And it features 3D animation, virtual reality, and hologram simulations, all within an actual storyline that lets you become part of the Marvel Comics world of superheroes and experience it directly — including seeing and interacting with some of those characters. It’s The Marvel Experience, a the traveling theme park created by the themed entertainment company Hero Ventures in partnership with Marvel Entertainment, and it’s coming your way this year.”

This sounds amazing and I will be first in line (providing they go to more than just London in the UK, if they even go world-wide). However if you’re like me you’ve already clocked that Universal owns the theme park rights to some of Marvel’s characters but Disney has already worked out how to sidestep this little problem.According to The Disney Blog:

“Universal owns the theme park rights to about eight of the core Marvel superheroes within a 250 mile radius of Orlando … [U]nless Disney pays Universal a significant sum, it’s not going to change.”

While this sounds fantastic if not carefully planned and executed it could cost Marvel a lot of money.

Unfortunately everything else is still vague.  We don’t know what cities, countries, dates or even characters but I think it’s safe to expect the characters with movie franchises and also an appearance from the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Source: Blastr
Reporter: Amy

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