Meet the Gender Bent Justice League

Here a group of cosplayers who have decided to takethe Justice League and give them a gender makeover.

“A couple of us like to do female versions of preexisting male characters. One of our friends, Psykitten Pow, she had a female Flash,” says Tallest Silver, who organized the group and who dresses as Batma’am. “One night, we were all hanging out and I said how funny it would be if we had a whole Justice League with swapped sexes.”

It’s interesting to note one of the ideas behind the Gender Bent Justice League is that it’s not all for fun.

“We try to keep it pretty scantily clad for [the men] because that’s how women are portrayed,” says Silver. “We weren’t scantily clad for ourselves because that’s not the point. We’re showing that girls can be clothed and be superheroes because, most of the time, they aren’t.”

Check out more images from the GBJL below

Personally I think it’s a fantastic cosplay idea with a little food for thought thrown into the  mix.

So what are your thoughts on the Gender Bent Justice League?

GS Reporter: Nuge
Source: LA Weekly

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