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As we reported earlier today there is work underway on a comic adpatation of The Scarlet  Pimpernel. I got in contact with man giving the Pimpernel a fresh lease of life, writer Doug Kissock. Doug was kind enough to provide us with some of the stunning  art.

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He also sent along a press release with a lot more info on the project. Fingers crossed we get to see the finished version.

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God bless Baroness Orczy for one important, but little-known reason… The Scarlet Pimpernel was the first of a new archetype of heroes — the hidden hero, (so called because his identity was hidden… behind a mask!) from whom came such comic and movie superstars as Zorro, The Lone Ranger, Batman and Superman.

Not a bad claim to fame, huh?

Sadly he’s become a bit forgotten recently, because… well, the source material (which let’s face it is a bit flowery) didn’t really stand the test of time too well as it stumbled unsteadily towards the end of the 20th century and headed towards the super high-tech 21st century where it totally died on its feet. But we’re here to change all that and give this charismatic dude a new lease of life and the chance to go and entertain and thrill a whole new audience — so this is BATMAN meets ZORRO!

And the high-tech dichotomy? Well who says they couldn’t have high-tech toys back in the 1790s which were every bit as sexy as ours are today? Okay, maybe laptops and iPods and cellphones would be stretching it a bit, but why can’t he fly like Iron Man? Why can’t he disappear into the night at will like Batman? And why can’t he dodge bullets like Spiderman?

As of right now, he can. Which is why he’s still the original hidden hero in a world of derivatives…

To rescue the woman he loves, save his uncle from execution on the guillotine and take revenge on an unidentified murderer, eighteenth-century English lord SIR PERCY BLAKENEY must develop an arsenal of weaponized-gadgets which enable him to fly, vanish and leap tall buildings in a single bound, and so becomes a high-tech masked super-hero, evades capture and risks everything.

If you’re a fan of the original, I apologise in advance; in an attempt to re-boot the character, I’ve taken huge liberties with it. Why have I done all that? Since the advent of cinema, audiences have become far more sophisticated in storytelling terms than ever before. What was considered exciting a few decades ago, is just seen as lame today. So to make this version contemporary for today’s graphic novel readers, we need to provide them with traditional stories, but just told better than ever before. It’s not rocket-science, but it’s bound to inflame the purists. But then, the purists aren’t my target audience.

The Graphic Novel script is out seeking a home amongst  US publishers as you read this, and Geek Syndicate can exclusively report that the screenplay is also being read by producers in Hollywood!

For enquiries of an acquisitional or contractual nature for the Graphic Noel script, please contact Scott Agostoni at William Morris Endeavor Entertainment: [email protected] or +(1) 310-859-4171.

All artwork loving created by the immensely  talented Canadian artist, Jim Rodgers: The Angels kissed his fingers when he was born…

Love & Best

Doug Kissock

GS Reporter: Nuge

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  1. You guys seriously need a proof reader. 🙂

    Wow this looks like a very interesting project. Let’s hope it sees the light of day in time for BICS. 🙂


    • geeksyndicate /

      proffo reador dnt nd one fo thse :D!

      yeah it’s great idea for a comic. I think the writer is thinking about coming to BICS.

  2. Yes, the writer is thinking of coming to BICS — yup, he’s thought about it… he’s coming!

    Shane, all prrofign typos are entirely mine and are in no way the fault the G-S guys.

    Have a good un!



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