New Runners story launches…in color!


We reviewed the first Runners story arc  Bad Goods a while ago on the podcast and we both loved the hell out of it. I was chuffed to hear that a new story arc of Sean Wang’s ace sci-fi web comic  is about to hit the web.

Check out the press release below for all the info. You can also check out the entire first story arc Bad Goods online over at

I would definitely recommend check out the first story arc  as it’s a great fun read. If you’re a fan of Star Wars or Firefly of just solid sci-fi adventure with some great art then still will be right up your street.


SOUTH HADLEY, MA – September 14, 2009 —
The eagerly-anticipated new story arc of the sci-fi adventure comic RUNNERS starts this September at Sean Wang’s acclaimed action-comedy about alien smugglers continues as a FREE webcomic and follows the first story, RUNNERS: Bad Goods, which has recently been posted online in its entirety.

In the new FULL-COLOR story, RUNNERS: The Big Snow Job, hard times have fallen on Roka Nostaco and the smuggling crew of the Khoruysa Brimia. Tired of scraping by on small-time runs for petty criminals, they take on a big job to get back into the top tier of mob-level work. But high pay comes with high risk, and if the freezing climate of Planet Ciceron doesn’t kill them, the hostile native population might. Assuming they don’t all kill each other first! Success could put them back on track, but are they in the driver’s seat or just pawns in a much bigger double-cross? The new story arc begins September 3, with new pages posting twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays.

As with the first story, Wang will continue to include commentary with the new series online. “When I started posting Bad Goods, I decided to add notes, trivia, and behind-the-scenes info to almost every page as an incentive for readers to check it out even if they had already picked up the graphic novel,” says Wang. “Everyone seems to really love the commentary aspect of the online content, and I really enjoy doing it as well, so the new story arc will also run with plenty of behind-the-scenes info and trivia!”

To celebrate the start of the new story arc, Wang is also offering a special deal on the original issues of the first arc. At, readers can pick up a set of all five original issues for just $5 (not including shipping). “While the Bad Goods graphic novel is also still available at its regular price,” explains Wang, “I thought the $5 issue set might be a nice, cheap way for new readers to get the whole first story before jumping into the next one. And while the entire story is available online, I know some people still like to have physical copies to read.”

“Along those lines,” continues Wang, “the second series will be collected into graphic novel format eventually, since I still love print comics myself. But the collection won’t come until after it finishes posting online, so readers should definitely check it out there in the meantime. It’s free, it’s color, it’s alien smugglers in space! Plus commentary! What more could you ask for?”

The complete Runners series can be read online at:

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