New web comic hits the net – Toybox Turmoil

When a young boy decides to spend a lazy afternoon playing with his action figures, he is unaware that he is affecting the lives of a super-hero called Jupiter John and a warrior king named Mada-Onu! The two strangers from different worlds are brought together in a new world and soon realize that they must join forces if they want to stay alive and return home. During the course of our heroes’ journey, they encounter a beautiful young woman who comes between them, as well as a young genius, Little Big Brain Boy, and the wizard Morningstar who  seem more interested in trying to kill each other rather than trying to help anyone! Toybox Turmoil is a tragic adventure inspired by the old super-hero team-up books from Marvel and DC.

We got sent this link by Alex Serra to his new web comic which has been six years in the making called Toybox Turmoil.

I’ve read the first chapter of the comic which has just gone online and I thought it was a great premise with some ace artwork to back it up.

The story itself is 70 pages and Alex will be updating the site on a weekly basis.

I do tend to forget when new strips are out on webcomics but I hope I can keep up with this one.

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