Here is your chance to own the hit webcomic Oceanverse in its first comic book issue. Oceanverse #1 collects the first 48 strips into a handsome 24 page black and white collection, complete with a new color cover and pinup.

Written and Illustrated by Michael Schwartz, Oceanverse chronicles the exploits of “Gentleman Adventurer” Clayton Hemmings and the spirited crew of the Red Herring, a fantastic submarine in search of the mysteries of the sea.

In the first issue, the crew is assembled and introduced, the Red Herring is launched, and their sea-worthiness is tested as they discover that famed inventor Neptuvar Objectif has been kidnapped! Not only is Neptuvar Clayton’s longtime friend, but he is also the possessor of an important map. The crew of the Red Herring must find Neptuvar and the map before they fall into the wrong hands.

Oceanverse #1 retails for $3.00 and is available directly through IndyPlanet or through Oceanverse, where new strips are published EVERY Monday and Thursday.

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