Oceanverse: The Collected Edition Kickstarter Campaign

Seeing as I was given the high honour of being allowed to guest star in one of the stories and help save London (and yes I still think Dr Nuge should get his own spin off strip) I would be remiss in not mentioning the Kick Starter campaign which has just started for Oceanverse, the pulp adventure web comic by it’s creator Mike Schwartz.The web comic featured the adventures of Clayton Hemmings and the crew of the Red Herring from one daring adventure to the next. Mike worked on the comic for the past four years and s now running a campaign to raise fund to get all 288 strips of the comic printed in a single collected edition.

Having see Oceanverse grow from an idea in Mike’s head to watch him work tirelessly on bringing the strip out on a regular basis I really hope he hits his target and is able to make Oceanverse: The Collected Edition a reality.

Gentleman adventurer Clayton Hemmings retires from his pulp hero lifestyle but can’t shake the lure of expedition.  He assembles a new crew with diverse experiences and backgrounds, boards his submarine the Red Herring, and sets out for a tour of the Oceanverse, the undersea world of wonder and danger.

Oceanverse was originally released as a webcomic from September 2008 to June 2011.  While publishing over the web was a cheap and easy way to get my work out into the world, I could only produce two strips a week and it became difficult for readers to invest themselves in stories that ran for 24, 48, and even 96 strips.

Then, with every 48 strips, I would release a 24-page comic book.  But with that I could only publish two a year, and due to limitations of online digital printing, the comic was never formatted quite correctly.

But now, to read Oceanverse in the best possible way, it’s my goal to collect and publish all 288 strips into a single volume.

The book will have a full-color matte softcover with spot gloss and french flaps.  The artwork is originally black and white, but to convey the retro adventure strip feel of Oceanverse, the art will be printed on natural stock with a tinted ink (in the fashion of a Will Eisner book).  To break up the story arcs, I will draw new, full-page title pages for each story.  In total, with a sketch and/or pinup section, this book will be 160 pages.

Through Kickstarter, I’m shooting for a goal of $2,750 over 45 days.  That will cover the printing cost of 500 copies.  The books will be printed right here in the great state of Michigan.

The production of the book is very nearly complete, so if funded it won’t take long before the book is sent to the printer.  I just need to finalize the cover and produce the eight new title pages…which could be yours if you choose to make a pledge.

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