David Wynne, the creator of the awesome Damnation which we reviewed and loved on the podcast will be releasing a new Monthly online comic called Particle Fiction. In David’s own words the comic will be….

a monthly, 16 page, black and white webcomic – if that seems like an odd concept, just think of it as an indy comic book that just happens to be distributed primarily online rather than on paper (although I will also be selling paper versions at cons, and in the online shop). Each issue will be available to read online or download as a pdf on the first of the month. If there’s a sufficiently enthusiastic response, I also hope to publish annual collections, but that’s a little way off yet.

Rather than being one single, ongoing storyline, Particle Fiction will be a rotating feature; one month may be a gritty crime story in a modern realistic setting, while the next might be a science fiction story set in the far reaches of space, the one after that a whimsical all-ages fantasy. There will be recurring features, with larger storylines spread out over multiple chapters, but my intention is for each month to work as a self-contained piece in it’s own right.

If you’ve enjoyed my comics in the past, then you should definitely check out Particle Fiction- both MINDHACK and IDEASMAN will be recurring features in the comic, and the final four chapters of the current MINDHACK story will be individual issues of Particle Fiction.

I love the idea of having a one-off story each month rather than an ongoing story. One of my problems with web comics is that I really get into a story and then I just forget a to check the site for the next issue and before you know it I’m two months behind. The idea of being able to miss a month and not have to play catch up is definitely intriguing, although it will be a challenge to come up with a new story each month it’s going to be cool to see how David’s handles this.

As a fan of his work I’ll be giving the first issue a look see.

On April first, you can head over to Particle Fiction and read the first issue. I would also recommend folks check out the brilliant Damnation as well!

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