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Hope For The Future is an ongoing comic book series, centred around three students, Hannah, Lee and Greg as they try to go about their normal lives, whilst beset at every turn by strange events, bizarre coincidences and the creeping suspicion that they are being stalked by some octopoid international conspiracy based around the magical underworld. Currently up to the twelfth issue, the series takes in our heroes’ attempts to avert the impending apocalypse, defeat the forces of chaos, and find cheap booze on a student budget.

Loving the sound of the blurb from the website and anything which throws up comparisons to Spaced and Buffy is definitely something I want to take a look at some stage. In the meantime check out the press release for Book 3 of Hope For The Future for all the info.

Hope For The Future Book 3 is now available. In this brand new collected edition, three relatively normal students, Hannah, Lee and Greg face the unquiet dead, dark sorcery, talking lizards and the mysteries of the crystal skull.


In “Hex Boyfriend”, our heroes kick back, relax, and enjoy a double vodka and coke. Or six. Unfortunately they are beset by idiots, extreme violence and a sexy witch. Normal night out, then

In a story entitled “Old School”, which is about an Old School, Greg decides to go and visit his old school. No one really cares much, but when it is revealed that the very same old school is rumoured to be the third most haunted building in Yorkshire, Hannah decides to accompany him, as she’s, y’know, into ghosts. Meanwhile Lee decides to tag along because he fancies Hannah.

In “The Bottle” Lee decides to pay Hannah a visit in the middle of the night. So what exactly have a 16th century Dutch sorceror, an artifact of unimaginable mystical power, and four intergalactic strutting rock godesses got to do with anything?

Finally, in… uh… issue 12, thrust into the baffling world of too cool for school flavor of the moment indie rock idiots Eric Snatch, Lee and friends spend the evening schmoozing with the band and their vacuous entourage, drinking free booze and being mildly vexed. The morning after things take a turn for the odd, as Lee finds he has a new best friend and worst enemy. The solution to this is simple: go find paranormal enthusiast and spooky loner Hannah, and get her to sort everything out.

Hope For The Future Book 3 collects issues 9-12, Crystal Tips (from Judge Dredd Megazine issue 256), Godiva Jones, Warrior Princess of Mars (from the UK Web & Minicomix Thing Anthology 2009), and various previously unpublished strips from the website. 168 pages, b&w with colour covers, Features sketches, illustrations, character profiles and commentary. All in US comic format. Available from or deirectly from us at this year’s UK Web & Minicomix Thing on March 27th at London’s Queen Mary University in Mile End.

It is brilliant, but don’t take our word for it, check this out:

With a great line in dry wit, HFTF offers a good mix of comedy and horror, coupled with some fantastic artwork SFX #162

Kinda like Buffy, but with more swearing SFX #120

A winning cross-genre mix of laughs, girls, guys, sexual tension and numerous sci-fi and horror staples? dynamic page layouts, strong dialogue and witty fanboy referencing Redeye #3

HFTF is the comics’ equivalent of TV show Spaced. It manages to be laugh out loud funny and knowingly referential while creating an exciting ongoing story, with totally believable characters you quickly grow to care about.Redeye #5

I couldn’t stop reading it, it was too enthralling  Garen Ewing, The Rainbow Orchid

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