Red 5 Comics’ Open Call for Atomic Robo Pin-up Art

Red5 Comics are looking for Pin up art to put in the %th Volume of Atomic Robo. unfortunately I have ZERO talent when it comes to art so i eon’t be entering but I know there are some artists out there that might like to see their art printed!

From Red5 Comics blog:

Artists of all ilk… hobbyist, professional and anyone in between…

We’re looking for new Atomic Robo-themed fan pin-up art for issues of the fifth volume of Atomic Robo’s adventures. So crack out your pencils, pens, crayons, paints, clay, mice or tablets and whip up some art depicting Atomic Robo or the characters from his universe in situations established or imagined. (Please do not include characters, props, locations or situations from other properties.)

When you’re done, send a jpeg to [email protected]. We’ll post some of the most interesting here… and possibly even include yours in an upcoming print issue of Atomic Robo.

Of course, by sending your art, you are granting Red 5 Comics all copyright and trademark rights to the art, including the ability print and reproduce the work.

Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Oh and if you are selected then let us know!

Source: Red 5 Comics Blog

GS Reporter: Matt

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