Rucka and Fernandez lead The Old Guard !

I have enjoyed Greg Rucka’s writing of strong female characters since his portrayal of Bridgett Logan in his novel Shooting At Midnight, and over the last few years he has introduced a number of great women heroes, including Forever Carlyle in Lazarus, Rowan Black in Black Magick and of course Diana of Themyscira in Wonder Woman Rebirth.

As such, I could not be more excited about the new series the Eisner-award winning writer is bringing us this month – The Old Guard.   The Old Guard follows another strong Amazon – this time the immortal Andromache of Scythia – and her comrades as they ply their trade for those who can find and afford their services. Rucka and the amazing artist Leandro Fernandez (whose incredible use of shadows and negative space helped make the series Names and Discipline so moody) explore themes of secrecy and what happens to a person who has lived just long enough to learn there are many fates worse than death.

Both Rucka and Fernandez are excited about the story and their collaboration. Greg says:

“I’ve loved working with Leo since our Queen & Country days, and being able to tell this story with him at Image is pretty much all the cake, and the icing, and the presents. Leo’s storytelling is perfect for this, a wonderful blend of realism that marries some terrific over-the-top action. We’re hoping people will have as much fun reading this as we’re having making it!”

Fernandez is equally enthusiastic, as he added :

“A story from Greg? The chance to develop it with him from the scratch? Cool characters? Cool scenarios? Cool situations? Cool action? I get to draw different eras in history and have the freedom to produce some of my best work? …I’ve been waiting for this too long as to screw it up!”

It’s cool to see creators as excited about their work as us readers are, and with the tremendous talents of these two this is certainly a title to be excited about. Don’t believe me ? Check out the awesome preview pages below  !

The Old Guard is available from your local comic shop and is available this  Wednesday February 22nd ! 

Source: Image comics

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