Samurai Jack Series Coming In October from IDW

SamuraiJack01_cvrSUBSamurai Jack battled against the forces of evil and the even stranger enemies of the future as he set out upon his quest. But, it’s not over, it’s actually just beginning! The fan-favorite cartoon series from Cartoon Network finds a home in comics at IDW, this time as a monthly series beginning in October.

Loved by both fans and critics, the animated series from Cartoon Network had a feudal samurai known simply as Jack battling against the demon wizard Aku. Sent into the future, Jack had to fight his way back to his own time.

“Samurai Jack is an irresistible mix of high adventure, comedy and mythic storytelling,” said series writer Jim Zub (Skullkickers) who will be joined by Andy Suriano (Character Designer on the original Samurai Jack television series) to lead Jack on his newest adventure!

Suriano’s past with Jack is sure to help shape his future as the comic progresses. He added, “returning to Samurai Jack is such a personal experience and labor of love for me. It’s like stepping through a time portal back to characters I know as friends and a world that really launched my animation career.”

The first five-issue arc will focus on the “Rope of Eons”. The first arc will also feature variant covers by the series creator Genndy Tartakovsky.

As a fan of the original series, it’s a dream come true to see a comic of Jack’s adventures. Even better is having a writer like Jim Zub who knows fantasy and action, and an artist so familiar with Jack like Andy Suriano is. When it hits in October, I’ll be sure to have a copy or three.

Source: IDW
 Leo Johnson

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