Sci-fi Epic Meets Mid-life Crisis in EGOS #1

EGOs01_covprWriter Stuart Moore and artist Gus Storms bring EGOS, a twisted sci-fi epic, to shelves this coming January. As the press releases states: “Years ago, The Earth/Galactic Operatives defeated Masse, a sentient, hungry galaxy—but now Masse has returned, consuming entire planets and killing millions of people. Deuce, an aging hero, decides to reform his old team and go into battle to save the day. But in order to do that, he must cross a line with Pixel, his wife and former teammate, an act that threatens to tear apart the life they’ve built together. EGOS sits at the intersection of a mid-life crisis, a galaxy-spanning threat, and the incredibly creative ideas that make sci-fi tales so compelling.”

“There are obviously echoes of other space-based super-teams here, but with darker, HBO-style characterization, and a twist at the end of issue #1 that hopefully comes as a surprise AND sets everything else in motion,” says Moore. “I’m really proud of it—I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.”

Moore has a long history with comics, whether as an editor or writer, working on books like Namor, Hellblazer, Wolverine Noir, and more. Storms is fresh off the recent 12 Reasons to Die. 

A preview of Egos #1 will be appearing in the back of Saga #15 later this month and will be in stores January 15th.

From the look of it, it will be an inventive sci-fi tale that likely breaks the mold a bit. Even with the galaxy spanning threat and the superheros, I have a feeling Egos will be more grounded and have a lot to do with the relationships of the characters and how these events make or break them.

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