Small Press Expo 2009 – Interview with the lady who made it all happen

So with the Small Press Expo 2009 regarding by many as a resounding success we caught up with it’s chief organiser, Mal Smith, to get her thoughts on the show.

How did you think the con went in your opinion?
I think it went extremely well. The success of a show must be gained of course by the number of visitors which were about what we expected but also i think by the reaction of the exhibitors, guests and the punters themselves which was overwhelmingly positive.

What are the lessons you’ve already leant from the con?

Signage, signage, signage. Getting people from point A to point B is not always as easy as it seems!

This was our first crack at a show for FAM however and i think for the most part we got pretty right and now it’s all just a matter of ‘tweaking’ – layouts, event times, space management etc, all the lovely logistics of a show can always be improved on and thankfully many of the exhibitors (and a few of the public) have been in touch to give us their opinions and ideas and we’re taking all those on board for next year. Fortunately, we now have a year to plan and with the show expanding in both space and time and the closer integration of the 2 venues we’re looking to have the slickest operation going.

What was your high point of the weekend?
On a fan-girl level, meeting Doug Bradley and Kevin O’Neill was wonderful (i managed not to geek-out too much) and seeing a lot of old friends from the small press scene was great too.

I wish i’d had more time to get some sketches from people though, i entirely missed getting a Jimmy Bott sketch for the second time.

On a personal level, having all of our FAM crew together for the first time (some of them had never actually met each other face to face) and having everyone working together and enjoying the show was fantastic.

On the whole though, the fact it all went off without too many cock-ups. Much thanks must go to the lovely Mike Allwood for that, without whose advice and experience non of this would have happened and for the fact he let me and my bunch of padawans in to play.

Thanks for you time Mal!

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