Start Again Comic Comes to Kickstarter this Valentine’s Day

Over the weekend, while I should have been monitoring Twitter, like a good little blogger, I was trying not to vomit while clearing out my faulty chest freezer. Now you may be thinking what does this have to do with the hastag #comictalk and a new comic Kickstarter due to launch next month  (no I’m not going to say kick off dammit!)?
In short my chest freezer (henceforth known as ‘the appliance of Satan’) has got sod all to do with it but I wanted to share my pain with you all. Ok now that’s out of the way let’s get down to business.

The #comictalk hashtag was started by Jamie Me as a way to bring the indie comics scene a little closer together with advice, ideas, promotions and above all chat. Over the weekend they had one centered around the comics press which generates some great suggestions and feedback and is well worth your time scrolling back through the tweet timeline to catch up on what you missed. I’ve got the hashtag added as a column on Tweetdeck so now (appliance of Satan notwithstanding) I will be able to keep an eye on all the indie comic chat.

Now the where does this new kickstarter come in? Well not content with being a hashtag/trend starter Jame is also a comic creator himself and is currently firing up his marketing furnace to start promotion on his latest comic called Start Again.

Jamie has been keeping the artwork for the comic underwraps, apart from the little piece he sent us, showing off the cover artwork.


Sneak Peek of Start Again Cover

Sneak Peek of Start Again Cover

Check all the info in the press release below…you’re welcome geekdom.

START AGAIN is hitting KICKSTARTER on February 14th, 2016. Valentine’s Day. The comic is a superhero boy meets girl story set in the United Kingdom. It’s created by Jamie Me with artwork by Toni Doya, and colours by Sean Callahan.

“I can’t wait to show everyone START AGAIN. Not sharing all the artwork is killing me, but I’m happy to say this is by design. The comic will first debut as part of a unique fortnight of campaigning.” Jamie Me explains.

The campaign Me is referring to is his plans to have a full preview page a day drop on the webcomic platform Tapastic. Starting February 1st with Queen, Me’s other project, you’ll get 7 days of pages from the political thriller. Immediately after starting on February 7th you’ll get page drops of START AGAIN until the Kickstarter starts February 14th.

“I’ve fallen in love with the webcomic format. The community on Tapastic are awesome, and I thought that dropping a page a day for two weeks would just be a brilliant tribute act right before the START AGAIN Kickstarter.”

The British creator, Me, has kept his cards close to his chest regarding the project. To date the team have released only a few pieces of art. Traditionally Kickstarter projects spend months sharing work in progress images, concept art and sharing details on various websites.

“Do you remember when movie trailers didn’t spoil movies. How about when your favourite wrestler returned without the time and date set before? I do. I love shocking people. It’s a risky strategy what we are doing, but that’s where the fun is as a creator.”

To keep track of the project follow on Twitter, or subscribe to account to view the preview pages starting February 1st. Signing off the creator had this to say:

“Thank you everyone, whether that’s reader or press, for checking out my work. Indie’s live and die in the Hunger Games of interest known as attention when it comes to crowdfunding. I’m truly grateful for all the opportunities I’m given. On that note, let’s tear the f*cking roof off next week!”

Of course all this under wraps nonsense will change when the Kickstarter launches on 14th February. However from 1st Feb there will be seven pages from from Jamie’ other project , a political Thriller called Queen (YOU HAVE FAILED THIS not that Queen)  and then from 7th Feb punters will also be able to see a preview of Start Again. Jamie’s plan is to drop both sets of previews on his Jamie Me’s Tapastic page . Nice one!


Source: Jamie Me / @JamieMeWrites
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