Stick a Finger or Two up at the Establishment with ‘CROSS’

As someone happy to stick two fingers up at the establishment, from time to time, this Kickstarter for  a comic anthology which contains collected tales of political satire is worth a closer look in my opinion.

The anthology, called CROSS, is being put together by the team over at Disconnected Press and the creators they have lined up to submit their tales of political subversion and piss takes reads like a who’s who of the current comic indie scene.


David Baillie and SPINX: 2000AD writer David Baillie and SPINX bring flair, imagination and a healthy disdain for the powerful to their story The Archaeology Inspector.

Rob Williams and PJ Holden: A dynamic duo from the 2000AD stable, their story for CROSS tracks the progress of an earnest and serious young man who is determined to do good in the world by becoming an MP.

Howard Hardiman: One of our favourite indie creators, whose book The Lengths combines humour, erotica and dogs in a totally legal way. Now he turns his attention to squirrels and fascism. Obviously.

Mary Talbot and Alwyn Talbot: Costa Award winner Mary Talbot brings us the early years of many of our favourite political figures, with some amazing caricatures and a very cute teddy bear provided by artist Alwyn.

Richmond Clements and Nick Dyer: Small press superstar Richmond and 2000AD artist Nick team up to place an unexpected character on border patrol duty at the Channel Tunnel.

Cy Dethan and Matt Timson: From the creator of Cancertown Cy Dethan and internationally published artist Matt Timson comes the story of an individual’s battle against the system.

Emma Beeby and Gavin Mitchell: Judge Dredd writer Emma Beeby and fantastic emerging talent Gavin Mitchell team up to explore the coalition of Heaven and Hell.

Owen Johnson and Conor Boyle: British Comics Award nominee Owen Johnson brings a dark edge to this story of our surveillance society, illustrated by Disconnected’s own Conor Boyle.

Tom Eglington and Verity Glass: 2000AD writer Tom Eglington and Dr Who cover artist Verity Glass channel everyone’s favourite Christmas movie to explore the way life turns out if you vote… and if you don’t…

Tom Foster: Emerging 2000AD star Tom brings us a story of the sacrifices we all need to make for austerity – we are all in it together, after all.

We’ve also got a cover by the amazing Pye Parr, illustrations by small press dynamo and all-round good egg Matthew Soffe, lettering by Jim Campbell (because letterers deserve more credit) and a couple of surprises that we’re keeping up our sleeve for another few days….

Could CROSS be the comic equivalent of Yes Prime Minster, The New Statesman or Spitting Image? Well to find out you will need to put your money where you mouth and support the project. So far the team have raised £840 of their £3000 goal.

A copy of CROSS will set you back £10. To find out more about the project take a look at its Kickstarter Page where they sum up exactly what their expect to achieve with the anthology.

64 pages of satire, born from a group of people who wish Spitting Image was still around to keep us all aware of who’s in charge and why we should hold them to account. – Disconnected Press

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