Summer of Indie – A UK ‘Previews’ Style Magazine in Development by Ukomics

For as long as I can remember the general feeling towards the way distribution is handled in comics has not been an overly positive. However with Diamond being pretty much the only game in town this situation has remained stagnant. Now ukomics a comics printing, which is known for working with numerious UK indies comics is looking to change that.

UKOMICS is looking to expand into Marketing & Distribution! We propose to put together our version of ‘Previews’ – a monthly magazine dedicated to the UK Scene – to contain Interviews, features and a list of your titles available for purchase – aimed at the approx 100 UK Comic Book outlets and book shops around the country. We’d be looking for contributions, editorial, Artwork, details and Advertisements. Let me know – Stuart Gould, founder of Ukomics

I think this is a fantastic idea and will be a great avenue for indie comics to get access to comic book shops and traditional book shops in the UK. Of course like all ambitious ventures Ukomics will need a lot of help getting this off the ground. If you’re interested in finding out how you can help then head over to the Ukcomics website for Stuart’s contact details.

GS Reporter: Nuge
Source: Ukomics

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