Teaser Artwork for Half Past Danger 2!

One of my fave comics this year was IDW’s Half Past Danger by Stephen Mooney, ¬†which managed effortlessly to blend Nazis, Ninjas and Dinosaurs into one fantastic pulp adventure. Trust me if you love recent comics like Five Ghosts and DoC Unknown and you’ve not read Half Past Danger you are missing out.

We were lucky enough to have creator Stephen Mooney on the GS podcast and he promised us that a sequel was in the works. Well now Stephen has put his money where his mouth is.

While stalking…er…I mean…glancing at Stephen’s facebook page I noticed this lovely piece of teaser art by Nick Runge heralding the return of Irish and gang in 2015. Loving this poster as it has a real Drew Struzan feel to it.



Stephen promises more info on the project in the first half of 2015.

Right now stop posting stuff on Facebook Stephen and get back to work on that sequel.

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