The Avengers out for a walk in ‘New York’

Lots of shots of The Avengers in action.

There seemed to be some amazing shots being captured out on the web at the moment from various sources so I have published a few below but be sure to check out these links as well, pics, more pics, even more pics and yes more pics.

While I am really excited to see the team in action I still have concerns about Captain America’s new costume which looks awful but I will wait and hold judgement until I see the film. Also something seems wrong with Black Widow. In Iron Man 2 Scarlet seemed to er fill out the outfit very well but here it seems to be hanging off her.

Well check out the pics below and then head over to the sites to see more.

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SOURCE: Geek Tyrant, SFX, Superhero hype

GS Reporter: Montoya

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