The Canny Comic Con

This coming Saturday (10th December) a brand new comic convention will be launching in Newcastle and besides all the guests and workshops on offer to attendees the event is also free to attend.

Comics, comic strips, comic books, graphic novels, manga, sequential art – however you want to refer to it, the CCC wants to celebrate everything about telling stories in pictures. Whilst it won’t be on the same scale as some of the bigger UK comic conventions, we’re going to have a full range of activities, including: talks and panel discussions, workshops, and a hall of stalls where you can meet some of the finest comic-creating talent from the region and beyond.

Whatever your age or experience, whether you read comics, make comics, or are just interested to know a little more, we hope to have something to interest you.

Entry to the CCC will be FREE. That’s right, no charge. You don’t need to book tickets, you don’t need to pay us anything. Come along and support the biggest comic event to be held in the North East for over fifteen years.

Some of the comic guest stars who will be in attendance are Bryan Talbot, Nigel Auchterlounie, Doug Braithwaite, Alex Collier, Paul Davidson,Simon Donald, Gary Erskine,Al Ewing, Steven Finch,Mary M Talbot, Suzy Varty,Art Heroes, Gary Bainbridge, Mack Chater,Brittany Coxon, Cuttlefish, Jack Fallows ,A.J. Garrett, Mel Gibson, En Gingerboom,Ingi Jensson,Leonie O’Moore,Ed Murphy, Graham Pearce, Paul Regan,Gordon Robertson, Lee Robson,Paul Scott, Paul Thompson, Andrew Waugh,Stacey Whittle, Terry Wiley , Lydia Wysocki and more.

The site promises a full line up of events soon but some of the things that attendees can expect include art workshops for kids, comic-making workshops for adults, talks and panel discussions. There’s also a free launch party being held on Friday 9th December at the  Tyneside Cinema.

Keep and eye on the Canny Comic Con Website for more details!

GS Reporter: Nuge
Source: Canny Comic Con

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  1. Is Cosplay alowed? :O

    • Sharlene Mousfar /

      You would need to go to the Canny Con website and contact the organizers.

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