The Chimera Brigade Coming Soon from Titan Comics

I like to think that I like to weigh up all the pros and Cons before buying anything. I read reviews, watch trailers, listen to what mates have to say then I decide if the comic is for me. Of course I do the occasional blind buy where something has spoken to that irrational buyer in me who sees something shiny and screams at my rational side BUY THAT NOW!

So before I have watched trailer or read the blurb for The Chimera Brigade I found myself already invested in checking this one out. Any press release which uses the words BPRD, Planetary and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen in the same sentence is always going the grab my eye for something pulpy. The downside of such an effective marketing tool  is that those are some big ole shoes to fill and all the more noticeable if the comic doesn’t live up to the hype.

The story of The Chimera Brigade is set during the first World War and charts creation of superhumans caused by a chemical experiment gone wrong (seriously don’t these people know how to read a health and safety sign?).

The premise sounds solid, if not a little familiar, but nothing wrong in that if it is handled well. The art also looks solid and it is a nice looking trailer.

Of course all of that navel gazing is pointless as I still go back to BPRD,Planetary and LOEG…so this firmly on my comic wish list when the comic is release on Wednesday 29th October 2014.

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