The Dark is coming to Markosia!

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We were sent a press release for the new comic coming out of the Markosia stables It’s called the Dark and it’s being written by Chris Lynch with Rick Lundeen handling the art.

The premise is definitely an interesting one. I love the idea of a technology allowing people to “drink” in information.

The eight page preview I read definitely made me want to check out the first issue. The art and writing is both solid. I especially liked the way the coat the hero wears dubbed ‘The Baffler” is used and it also feels like a living entity.

The first issue is coming out on itunes in August, with three more promised to be on the way. There are also plans for a graphic novel.

Stay tuned for a full review soon. In the meantime you can check out the press release  below and then check out the myebook link to have a read of the preview.


Markosia Enterprises have teamed up with Chris Lynch (Monkeys with Machineguns, Photonic Graffiti) and Rick Lundeen (100 Covers, Epoch) to publish “The Dark”.

The first issue of “The Dark” will be released in August of this year as a digital comic book, via iTunes, with three more issues in the pipeline. A graphic novel is planned for later in the year.

The Dark is the story of Daniel Abbot, a brilliant young scientist on the fringes of the establishment and the creator of Memetech – a technology that encodes information and memories into a liquid form, allowing anyone to “drink” the information. Terrified that his invention will be used for military purposes he decides to destroy his research, but not before he takes one last trip … with disastrous results.

Two years on, and the Memetech genie is out of the bottle. Abbot, having perfected his own version of the technology, fights a one-man war against the spread of his own invention and the collapse of our information culture in the guise of “The Dark”. Aided by an artificial intelligence nicknamed Howard Hughes, Abbott creates “The Baffler” – a coat made of Memetech that gives his the edge over his enemies. Capable of injecting information directly into this brain and firing Memetech flechettes to hit others with bursts of pure information, The Baffler is both weapon and disguise in Daniel Abbot’s war against his own creation.

When The Dark uncovers a plot to set off Memetech bombs across the whole of the city Dante, filling the air with liquid information and creating a new society of his enemy’s devising, The Dark is plunged into a desperate race against time.

But, not everything is what is seems. Who is the new and mysterious enemy who seems to know The Dark’s every move? How did the Memetech, thought destroyed, reappear? Why can’t Daniel wake his wife and son? And why is everyone in Dante named after an English poet?

Publisher Harry Markos had this to say on securing the property for Markosia: “I’ve been a big fan of Chris Lynch for a while now and asked him to pitch a couple of new projects that we could look at for the digital market, with a view to releasing it as a graphic novel later. He has come up trumps with The Dark. Coupled with Rick’s fantastically atmospheric art, Chris’s story takes you to a very believable but disturbing world, not unlike the one we are living in at the moment! I am confident that we have a hit in the making.”

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