The Wolverine gets a new writer

The troubled movie get’s a rewrite from the man behind Die Hard 4

This movie just seems to get more and more delayed for various reasons so let’s hope this one does not delay it anymore.

The original script was written by Christophe McQuarrie and based on the excellent Japan arc by Frank Miller in the 80’s.

Fox have just announced that the script is being rewritten by Mark Bomback who did Die Hard 4 and the upcoming Total Recall remake. Not sure this is good news as I thought Die Hard 4 was weak and my fear is that the same thing will happen to this script. However he did work on Unstoppable with Chris Pine and Denzel Washington which was fun and dumb.

Maybe one day soon we will get a release date for this troubled sequel.

SOURCE: Varity

GS Reporter: Montoya

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