Thor 2 Left Once More Without A Director

So it seems that frost giants and his evil brother Loki aren’t the only enemies Thor needs to contend with. Somewhere in the realms of Hollywood someone is stealing his directors.

It all began with the departure of Kenneth Branagh who directed the first Thor film. I was worried about the future of the film until it was announced that Game of Thrones director Brian Kirk was in the frame and then Marvel settled on Patty Jenkins,the director or Monsters. It seems now that Jenkins has jumped off the project citing that age-old reason of ‘creative differences’ which never really tells you much.

So once again Thor 2 is left without a director leaving Marvel to once more chase around looking for a replacement.

Let us know who you think could fill the directors shoes on the Asgardian’s second big screen outing (well third if you count the avengers).

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: Comic Book Resources

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